This doesn't happen without the support of our generous community.”

2023 TBA!

Dog Food:
Dog Treats: 
Cat Food:
Cat Treats:
*Includes approx. lbs. of goods from the Essex Town Hall Drive*
**Includes approx. lbs. of goods from the Middletown Agricultural Science & Technology Drive"

since 2008

Dog Food: 10,674.75 lbs. 
Dog Treats: 1,240.53 lbs. 
Dog Toys: 1,212
Cat Food: 4,407.09 lbs. 
Cat Treats: 90.13 lbs. 
Cat Toys: 598 
Leashes/Collars: 881 
Doggie Fashion/Coats: 140 
Litter: 6,693 lbs. 
Towels/Blankets: 1007 
Beds: 66 
Misc.: 666